Diversity in the Digital Foreign Language Classroom

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Innovation: Avenues for Future Teaching

This initiative brings together a broad array of perspectives to explore diversity and equity both as  concepts and a methods in digital educational settings.

Main thematic clusters are:

What are the theoretical foundations on which digital teaching and e-learning are built?
How does digitalization affect or enhance research on and conceptualizations of diversity and equity across the fields of linguistics, literary and  (visual) cultural  studies, and TEFL?
How do e-learning concepts support foreign language teachers in handling heterogeneous learner groups in classrooms or responding to the particular abilities and needs of learners? 


We provide the opportunity for establishing fruitful connections between practitioners, researchers, and future teachers through 

a platform which affords teachers & researchers to build tandems in response to specific training needs or research questions
an annual virtual symposium
a citavi-archive
calls for papers & conference announcements

Kontakt: Dr. Saskia Schabio


Emerging from the vibrant Community of Practice initiated by the BMBF-project Heterogenität & Digitalisierung and an international conference held in 2023 we are looking forward to future invigorating interdisciplinary exchange.

Keynotes, Plenaries, Penals

DDFLC Diversity in the Digital Foreign Language Classroom

Prof. Dr. Robert ODowd: Virtual Exchange: Attending to Diversity in Online Collaborative Contexts

Prof. Dr. Laura Lomas: Decencuentros in Metropolitan Contact Zones: la Frontera, a Quilombolaand Latinx as Untranslatables We Need for Reading and Teaching American Cultural Difference(hybrid presentation)

Prof. Dr. Christiane Lütge: Embracing Diversity in Digital Spaces – Perspectives for ForeignLanguage Education

Diverse & Digital Futures Across the Disciplines: Roundtable with Prof. Dr. Christiane Lütge, Prof. Dr. Robert O’Dowd and Prof. Dr. Laurenz Volkmann

Showcase: Student Projects / Poster

Diversity, Heterogeneity and the Use of Digital Media / Student Presentations / Seminar Prof. Dr. Schwab, PHL

Josefine Bihlmaier, Annika Bauer, Anna-Lena Brehm, Jessica Toth: Learners with Basic Needs

Lena Blumenstock, Lena Rosenacker, Victoria Hillan, Helin Tufan: Diversity in the Digital Foreign Language Classroom

Pia Eggensperger, Ines Renk, Louisa Steegmüller: Reading Journal Project – Mental Health

Isabel Frank, Chiara Glouftsi, Theresa Greulich, Leon Honemann: Wild Animals

Anhelina Havryliuk, Niklas Krznar, Tilemachos Kelessidis, Jonathan Zwick: “Road to London

Nora Sadrina, Sarah Müller-Attinger, Miriam Fuhry: Englisch in a Special Needs School Unit: Clothes

Julian Setzer, Felix Fritz, Natalie Kienzle, Ema Lígia Martins Azevedo: Instagram Travel Blog Using Social Media in the EFL Classroom

Sandrine Veit, Sindey Morina, Negina Fakirzai: Diversity, Heterogeneity and the Use of Digital Media