Locating Designs for Global Citizenship:

Higher Education in Africa

Online Event – KOALA Projekt der Fachgruppe Englisch

Datum: 25.11.2020, 16 – 17:30 Uhr Ort: Online über Webex

Don’t miss this dynamic webinar about transforming open access education in Africa, the role of the humanities and much more!

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Join us for the third part of our global citizenship and online education series of webinars as we focus on Africa and the transformative, exciting innovations moving forward at faster paces due to COVID-19’s disruptions. Gard Titlestad will reflect on vital concerns for moving forward with the U.N.’s sustainable development goals for 2030. Mpalive Msiskawill compare global citizenship pedagogies in Great Britain and Africa, and Rich Powers will report on his experience moving the Communication Studies curriculum at the Technical University of Kenya online.

This is a wonderful chance to engage and be part of the conversation!


Gard Titlestad, Governing Board, UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education and Former Secretary General, International Council for Distance Education (ICDE)

Dr. Mpalive Msiska, Birkbeck College, University of London

Prof. Emer. Richard Powers, University of Maryland Global Campus and PSE Project Coordinator, Stuttgart University.

Moderators: Moritz Jahraus, PSE Project Coordinator (PH-Ludwigsburg), Dr. Saskia Schabio, Project Research Design & Coordination (Stuttgart University), and Lucas Burkhardt (Chat Monitor)



Welcome and Greetings

Moritz Jahraus: “Designing Global Citizenship Courses at PSE Stuttgart-Ludwigsburg”

Dr. Saskia Schabio: “Locating Global Citizenship Education: Aesthetics & Politics of a Transnational Agenda”


Gard Titlestad: “Trends and Things to Think About: A Reflection on the Meta-Transformation of Higher Education and Transformative Higher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa”


Mpalive Msiska: “Towards a Pedagogy for Global Citizenship: The African and British Experience.”


Richard Powers, “Lessons Learned Launching Online Programs in Africa: A Case Study with Technical University of Kenya”


Plenary Discussion & Closing Remarks: Moritz Jahraus and Saskia Schabio